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Max's Wheat Bread




This is light whole wheat bread.  It only contains one quarter wheat flower and three quarters bread flour.  It makes a great sandwich bread and tastes great as cinnamon toast.  This is my favorite everyday bread.

This recipe is designed for the Zojirushi Bread Baker, which bakes 2lb breads.  This recipe can also be made with a Kitchen Aid (buy the largest model-shown right-if you plan to knead bread with your mixer) or similar heavy duty counter top mixer and will make a single standard loaf.  If you have tasted breads from inferior vertical bread machines that make one pound loaves, this bread will be a pleasant surprise.  The bread looks like a normal home baked bread.  The crust and bread texture are near perfect.


Like most bread recipes, it is easy to substitute ingredients and still bake an excellent bread.  However, using a bread machine, like the Zojirushi, requires that you measure your ingredients carefully.  It is less important whether you use skim or 2% milk than it is that you use exactly 1.25 cups.  Follow the instructions for proportions carefully.  


Taste the honey before using it in this recipe.  If the honey is sharp tasting or has become solid, it may add an unpleasant taste to the bread.

Use good quality finely ground whole wheat flour.  Many store brand whole wheat flours have an unpleasant taste.  I obtain my wheat flour Tadco, which sells bulk foods.  Beware of health food store flours.  Because health food stores are unlikely to use insecticides around their premises check their flour carefully for beetle larvae.  My personal experience is that I have seen too many insects in health food store bulk food areas.  Supermarket wheat flour is not always fresh.  If your bread tastes strong, check your wheat flour.  I have found many supermarket wheat flours unpleasant because of their taste.  Like, with any cooking, use the best ingredients you can find and your food will taste great.

The yeast that I use is either Red Star or  Fleischmann's Active Dry Yeast.  


I use General Mills "Better for Bread" flour for nearly all of my baking needs.  It is a good high quality flour.

Layer the following ingredients in the Zojirushi bread machine in the order given. 

For a 2 pound loaf.

1 1/4     cups skim milk
1/2        cup filtered water
2           tablespoons canola oil
4           tablespoons honey
3           cups bread flour (Do not use cake or all purpose flour)
1           cup fine ground whole wheat flour
1           teaspoon  salt
1.25      teaspoons active dry yeast
(see advertisement above right)


Spray the bread machine container with an unflavored cooking oil spray like Pam.

Use the wheat bread and normal crust setting.  I prefer the darker crust setting.

There is now a Zojirushi Bread discussion at Yahoo groups.

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