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Rochester Business Press Releases Received May-December, 2008

The following are press releases received by by Rochester, New York area businesses and organizations.  Previous press releases are stored in the press release archive.

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Harris Seeds Launches New Catalog  

The Harris Seeds Spring 2009 Home Gardening Catalog will be in the mail in mid December, 2008. New to this catalog will be several vegetable and flower varieties from seed, including Solid Gold - a new, first ever, yellow grape tomato and Carnival - an absolutely striking new morning glory. As seed starting has become quite popular again, the Harris Seeds Home Garden Catalog will feature many new and “tried and true” seed starting supplies. Of special interest will be Jiffy pots and pellets, an environmentally friendly product for seed starting. 

Home gardeners will want to take a look at an expanded list of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs, along with strawberry, asparagus and rhubarb transplants. For those home gardeners that prefer not to start from seed, the catalog offers a wide selection of vegetable transplants that can be directly transplanted to the garden or planters. For the flowers enthusiasts, there are outstanding transplant collections in the catalog including Wave petunias, Classic Rainbow Mix gladiolus and the popular tuberous begonias.  

To receive a free copy of the 2009 Harris Seeds Home Garden Catalog, call the company toll free (800-544-7938), or visit their web site:


St. Jude Medical, Inc. renews Development Contract with Balan Biomedical, Inc.  

December 18, 2008 – Rochester, New York 

Dr. Elisabeth Hager, Chairman and CEO of Balan Biomedical, Inc. announced that St. Jude Medical, Inc (SJM) renewed its contract for a range of engineering services from Balan. The members of Balan’s Engineering Division support the internal R & D projects of SJM, allowing optimization of resources while providing cost effective expertise. “Our relationship with SJM has grown over the years and we enjoy working collaboratively on key projects with the SJM staff as we work to make our client as competitive as possible in this global marketplace” explains Michael Pyszczek, VP of Technology. “The continued growth of the Balan Engineering Division is reflected in our recent staff expansion which allows us to offer even greater value to our clients.” 

About Balan Biomedical, Inc.: USA Headquarters in Rochester, New York. Balan Biomedical, Inc. is a physician-led search and discovery company specializing in medical and consumer health intelligence. The organization provides research and engineering services and works exclusively to identify new product opportunities based on the experience of practicing medical and veterinary professionals as well as patients.

If you would like more information about the core capabilities of Balan Biomedical’s Engineering Division, please call (585) 214-0593 or email Michael Pyszczek at 

Release Information: 
Industry: Biomedical 
Country: United States 
MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area): All Regions (Including International) 
Company: Balan Biomedical, Inc. 
Web Site:

Press Contact: Dr. Elisabeth Hager
Office: (585) 214-0593



South Dakota Department of Health Deploys VisualDx Statewide

VisualDx Diagnostic Decision Support Technology Aims to Boost Preparedness; Improve Rural Health Care and Access to Specialist-Level Knowledge 

Rochester, NY - October 27, 2008 - Logical Images Inc., the expert source for visual diagnostic decision support technology and consumer skin health information, today announced that the South Dakota Department of Health’s (SDDOH) Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response has deployed VisualDx to help facilitate preparedness efforts at the point-of-care and to bring specialist-level information into 82 medical facilities throughout South Dakota. VisualDx offers health care providers fast, point-of-care access to a visual diagnostic decision support system that improves health care quality by reducing costly medical errors through better efficiencies in disease recognition and response to events of public health significance. 

Using disaster preparedness funds from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR), SDDOH licensed VisualDx to provide community medical facilities with a tool to more quickly and accurately identify medical conditions based on visual clues. VisualDx is the only Web-based decision support system that merges medical images with clinical information to build a visual list of patient-relevant conditions using problem-oriented based search criteria that can improve diagnostic accuracy by 120 percent. Half of all diseases demonstrate a skin or pattern clue. VisualDx offers real-time access to concise clinical information and more than 17,000 medical images presenting diseases in variation of severity, skin type, age and passage of time, covering more than 900 diseases—250 of which are infectious.  

“VisualDx enables clinicians to more quickly and accurately identify unusual and unfamiliar conditions, and this is particularly important in rural areas that have limited access to specialists and other resources,” said Bill Chalcraft, director, Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response. “In addition to helping physicians to accurately diagnose medical conditions, we can use this diagnostic decision support system to communicate public health initiatives and critical events that require immediate attention.”  

Easily accessed from any computer with an internet browser, VisualDx connects clinicians to specialist-level knowledge and keeps both rural and urban medical facilities equally informed about critical information from SDDOH. VisualDx is customizable, allowing SDDOH to add specified links on disease pages to help drive and improve disease reporting. Home page health alerts can also be created to generate awareness on key topics defined by SDDOH. Additionally, the system has incorporated the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘s (CDC) category A, B and C bioterrorism agents within its Terrorism Recognition module. 

“By making VisualDx available in medical centers throughout the state, the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response has recognized the benefits a visual diagnostic tool offers providers on the front lines and is taking prudent steps to facilitate preparedness efforts at these sites,” said Art Papier, MD, chief scientific officer of Logical Images. “Misdiagnosis is a problem that can greatly impact rural areas where a provider has limited resources, and patients have limited access to specialists. VisualDx brings specialist-level knowledge to help clinicians accurately diagnose conditions and better communicate critical information at the point-of-care.” 

VisualDx has been installed at nearly 1,000 sites including primary health care practices, hospitals, teaching institutions, government agencies and other public health entities such as the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Services, the Indiana Department of Health and the Wyoming Department of Health. For more information visit  

About Logical Images

Based in Rochester, NY, Logical Images develops visual health care tools to elevate diagnostic accuracy, enhance medical education and heighten patient knowledge. Logical Images is a company of digital imaging experts, leaders in computer-based design and knowledge management, skilled image archivists, and practicing physicians. The company’s products include VisualDx, a visual diagnostic decision support system, and VisualDxHealth, an online skin health and wellness resource located at Logical Images has developed the most comprehensive digital medical image library with over 50,000 images including all age ranges and skin types. This extensive collection is the foundation for both the VisualDx professional tool and the VisualDxHealth consumer tool – designed to speed disease recognition for faster, more accurate decision making and patient understanding.


Interview with Dr. Elisabeth Hager, CEO of Balan Biomedical, Inc., to Air Nationally on Sky Radio

Dr. Hager Discusses the Importance of the “Voice of the Consumer” in the Development of Consumer Health Products and Medical Devices. 

November 03, 2008 – Rochester, New York 

Dr. Elisabeth Hager, Chairman and CEO of Balan Biomedical, Inc. will be featured on Sky Radio as part of the network’s 21st Century Healthcare Forum - an ongoing show dedicated to healthcare and its affects on us all.  The interview, to be aired throughout the month of November (2008) on airline flights throughout the world, was conducted at the Sky Radio studios in Los Angeles. In the interview, Dr. Hager discusses the importance of open-innovation to capture “The Voice of the Consumer” during the design and development process of health products and medical devices. 

“Medical companies need the critical insights of practicing physicians and their patients,” explains Dr. Hager, “These insights can help decrease the cost of development, decrease time-to-market, and create market-pull. Balan was founded on the open-innovation model and is dedicated to bringing the insights of the end-user to the front-end of the development process.” Other presenters in the series include Tommy Thompson, Secretary, DHHS and Carolyn Clancy, MD, Director, AHRQ. 

The Sky Radio Network provides programming to some of the largest airlines in the world, including United, American, Delta, Northwest, US Airways and America West. “We are pleased to be able to introduce Balan’s open-innovation model in health care to the Executive Business Traveler via the Sky Radio Network,” says Dr. Hager. 

The interview with Dr. Hager is available for listening on the company’s web site, It is located in the “Balan Press” section under the “News & Resources” tab.

About Balan Biomedical, Inc.: USA Headquarters in Rochester, New York. Balan Biomedical, Inc. is a physician-led search and discovery company specializing in medical and consumer health intelligence. The organization provides research and engineering services and works exclusively to identify new product opportunities based on the experience of practicing medical and veterinary professionals as well as patients.

Press Contact: Dr. Elisabeth Hager                           
Office: (585) 214-0593


Daily Messenger Endorses Capanna, says "State Needs Capanna's Smarts"

(Webster, NY) -  The Daily Messenger today issued its endorsement of Paloma Capanna for the New York State Senate in the 54th District, saying "Messenger editors meet with scores of candidates every election, and we rarely find a challenger as knowledgeable and prepared as Capanna."  

The Editorial Board wrote "Capanna's positions seem more thought out, more clearly defined."  They went on to do a side-by-side analysis of Capanna's positions on balancing the budget, affordable health insurance, school funding, property tax reform, and member item spending.  On each subject, Capanna came out on top over her opponent, incumbent Mike Nozzolio (R,C - Fayette).  

"Hers is the no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is approach we need in state government," the Editorial Board stated in conclusion, "but change in Albany can't happen without change in the districts.  The 54th has an able alternative to the status quo in Paloma Capanna."  

This is the third major news organization to endorse Capanna.  On October 18, 2008, she received the "enthusiastic" endorsement of the Democrat & Chronicle newspaper and on October 20, 2008, the Post-Standard newspaper said, "pull the lever for Capanna."  

Capanna expressed her appreciation to the Daily Messenger and its affiliate, the Webster Post, for their endorsement and for their coverage of her campaign.  "Throughout this campaign, we could count on the Reporters at the Daily Messenger and the Webster Post to listen and report intelligently.  This endorsement is truly an honor, and we wish to reciprocate with the appreciation of everyone supporting our campaign."   Capanna was earlier endorsed by Tom Golisano's Responsible New York and Senator Hillary Clinton.


Post-Standard says to "pull the lever for Capanna!"

(Webster, NY) -  The Post-Standard today announced its endorsement of Paloma Capanna for the New York State Senate in the 54th District, saying "...voters eager to send a message for reform should pull the lever for Capanna."

In their endorsement, the Editorial Board wrote, "Capanna talks about big ideas like an industrial "green zone" through the district, universal health coverage and making the state's income tax system more progressive.  She is outspoken about reform, deriding the member-item system and pushing campaign finance reform and an independent commission to redraw the lines of gerrymandered legislative districts.  She even threw out the novelty idea of banning politicians from having anything named after them if it was funded by money they secured." 

This is the second major news organization to endorse Capanna in as many days.  On October 18, 2008, she received the "enthusiastic" endorsement of the Democrat & Chronicle newspaper. 

Capanna expressed her appreciation to the Post-Standard for the endorsement and for their coverage of her campaign.  "From all of us fighting for reform, we extend our appreciation to the Post-Standard for this honor.  In a race against a long-term incumbent who is outraising and outspending us, it is a reaffirmation that the democratic process is what it should be:  about ideas and solutions for our future." 

Capanna was earlier endorsed by Tom Golisano's Responsible New York and Senator Hillary Clinton.10/08

Capanna Wins Endorsement from Senator Hillary Clinton!  

(Webster, NY) -  Paloma Capanna, candidate for the NYS Senate (D, WFP, Webster) today announced that her campaign has been endorsed by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.   

"It is an honor to receive the endorsement from Senator Hillary Clinton in this historic year for women in politics," said Capanna.  "I look forward to working with Senator Clinton in areas that we share a passion, such as health insurance and public education."  

Capanna credits Clinton with paving the way for women of her generation to enter politics.  Capanna, 42, like Clinton, attended a women's college and then went on to earn her law degree.  Capanna attended Wheaton College (Norton, MA), where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in 1988, after which she earned her Juris Doctor from SUNY Buffalo in 1991.  

"Senator Clinton put 18 million cracks in a glass ceiling that she had continually pushed higher and higher before hitting," said Capanna.  "She has, coming up behind her, increasing numbers of women candidates at all level of government, and, together, we will break that ceiling."  

Capanna is the first Democratic woman to run for the NYS Senate in the 54th District, which includes Seneca Falls, the birthplace of women's rights, as well as the National Women's Hall of Fame.     For additional campaign information, please refer to our Capanna for Senate Website, which includes a District map, a list of current events, and a list of current endorsements.    


When the Souls Rise & Other Works

Present Tense Dance, composer Ward Hartenstein, and Drumcliffe Irish Arts present the phantasmagoric Halloween dance and theater piece, When the Souls Rise. This celebratory tale is a collaborative work by Anne Harris Wilcox, Artistic Director of Present Tense Dance Company, teaching artist and musician, Ward Hartenstein, and poet Adam Wilcox. In addition, the concert will premier the latest work by Drumcliffe Irish Arts Director, Edward J. Murphy, honoring his mother.

WHEN:          Saturday, October 18, 7:30 pm and Sunday, October 19, 2:00 pm 

WHERE:       School of the Arts, 45 Prince Street, Rochester, NY 

TICKETS:     Presale:      $10 Adults, $8 children (12 and under) at Wegmans and Parkleigh

                  $12/$10 at the door 

CONTACT:  Anne Harris Wilcox, 461-8389, 

When the Souls Rise celebrates the mysterious and haunting nature of Halloween without the ghoulishness often associated with the holiday. This original production provides a fantastic occasion for children and adults to enjoy the unearthly and mysterious spirit of Halloween. When the Souls Rise celebrates the Halloween holiday from the souls’ perspective. Through dance, music, and drama, the stories of the souls are revealed and celebrated in this lively and enchanting tale.

Other Works in this program include three pieces from the Present Tense and Drumcliffe Irish Arts repertory. Wilcox’s latest work, Western River Expedition, with original musical score by Ward Hartenstein, will open the second part of the program, followed by Edward J. Murphy’s beautiful new work dedicated to his mother who passed away this year. The concert will conclude with Murphy’s hilarious and romping piece, Halloween, which reflects America’s passion for the holiday as it has developed from its Celtic roots.  

The evening of dance will be performed by Present Tense Dancers: Bridget Bell-Harris, Donna Damelio-Brett, Joe Drummond, Edward J. Murphy, Kimberly Ryan, Katie Schwartz, Ellen Tomer, Kate Walders, and Cadence Whittier. Featured Drumcliffe Irish Arts dancers are: Edward J. Murphy, Annelise Rigsbee, and Nick Schwasman.


PUGSTOCK 08 Peace, Love, & Pugs

September 14 *1pm-5pm Powder Mills Park 154 Park Rd. (near the Powder Horn Lodge) Pittsford (Rochester), NY

Pugstock 08-Presented by the Western NY Pug Group ( ) A fundraiser for Pug & Puppy Mill Rescue Groups throughout the Northeast. Vendors...Raffles...Speakers...Photographer..DJ…Food/Drink…..Blessing of the Pugs!!!!!! Special Guest Alice Calabrese-Smith, President/CEO of Lollypop Farm, will be there to lead the Pug prayer at 3pm. Historically, the WNY Pug Group events attract over 250 people and 200+ Pugs from all over the Northeast and Canada. We predict Pugstock 08 to be even more successful! This event is being held not only to raise money for the rescue organizations but to also educate the public about puppy mills and dog auctions. Puppy mills exist in virtually every state. While several thousand are required to by licensed with the USDA, many more are not. These unlicensed kennels operate with little to no oversight, free to fool the public into believing they care about the puppies they are breeding. Behind the friendly facade of the local pet shop, the pastoral scenes on a "breeder's" website, or the neighborhood newspaper ad, there often lies a puppy mill. Event Sponsors: Invisible Fence, The Pet Memorial Center, Petsaver Super Store, & Doody Master. Partial list of Pugstock 08 Participants:

Green Mountain Pug Rescue of Vermont

Central NY Pug Rescue

Lollypop Farm

Maggie Moos Ice Cream

Rachel Leigh Photography

Rochester & Finger lakes Pug Meetup Groups

Petpalooza Magazine

Friends of the Monroe County Dog Parks

& Many, Many More!!!!!! (See our website for a full list of participants)

$2.00 per person donation to enter. **Pugs & Pug Mixes Only - No Puppy sales - No puppies under 12 weeks-All dogs should be current on their Vaccines**

The Western New York Pug Group ( ) Mission Statement:

We are dedicated to protect, preserve and advance the awareness of the Pug Dog through sensitive ownership, education, health, welfare, love and companionship. We strive to strengthen the appreciation for the enlightenment of Pug Pride and the importance of the Pug Dog.

Although we are not a rescue organization - we directly support rescue groups and have joined in the crusade against puppymills.

Please consider adopting a pet before purchasing one!  

Contact: Tara Gamby Phone: 585-615-2557 E-mail: The Western NY Pug Group


Glorie Farm Winery announces second annual wine label art contest

Entry fees will be donated to animal shelter 

Marlboro, New York. , September 9, 2008: Glorie Farm Winery announced today their second annual wine label art contest, a rare opportunity for a Hudson Valley artist to have their artwork featured on a local wine label. One hundred percent of this year's entry fees will be donated to the Newburgh Animal Shelter in Newburgh, NY. More entries will mean a larger donation to help the animals! This time artists will compete for the distinction of having their artwork appear on an established wine with a loyal following, the ever popular Glorie Red Quartet.

Winery co-owners, Doug and MaryEllen Glorie, hope to build on the success of the initial Jumpin Jazz label contest. A silent auction of the winning artwork resulted in a $250 donation to the Animal Rescue Foundation in Beacon, NY, and the playful, eye-catching wine label continues to attract lots of attention. MaryEllen says, "It was fun the first time, and we were able to make a nice contribution to a good cause. A lot of the work that went into the first contest is reusable now, so we thought we'd make it an annual event. If we can grow interest in the contest year to year, another talented person can become locally recognized, and we'll be able to make a nice donation to a worthy cause, the Newburgh Animal Shelter."

What should a label for a wine called Red Quartet look like? MaryEllen suspects some submissions will have a musical theme, but she's certain there will be other interpretations. "That's what makes it so exciting! There are likely to be as many different interpretations as there are artists. Our experience with the Jumpin Jazz contest makes us believe the quality of the submissions will be outstanding. We expect choosing just one winner will be a very difficult task." Last year's winning artist, Brandi Budziak, will join Doug and MaryEllen as a judge for this year's contest.

Red Quartet is a semi-dry, red wine blend of four grapes. It's an easy sipping, everyday kind of wine, and according to Doug, "We tell our winery visitors that the Red Quartet is a good introduction to reds for the red wine novice and a nice break from the monster reds for the red wine expert, and that's really the truth. Its broad appeal makes it the perfect wine when you're getting together with friends."

The contest is open to all artists who permanently reside or attend school in a New York or New Jersey county that borders the Hudson River. The winning artist will receive a case of the labeled wine plus two tickets to the Shawangunk Wine Trail's Bounty of the Hudson 2009 event (or cash equivalent if the winner is less than 21 years old). The winner will also be featured on the winery's website as well as in press releases and all media related to the wine label contest, and their name will appear on the wine label as well. The deadline for submissions is November 8. All participating artists will be invited to an unveiling of the label on Saturday, November 22 at the winery.

 About Glorie Farm Winery

Located in Marlboro, Ulster County, NY, Glorie Farm Winery is a member of the Shawangunk Wine Trail and the Marlborough Agricultural Alliance (Meet Me in Marlborough). The tasting room is open May through December on Saturdays, Sundays, and Monday holidays from noon to 5 PM (6 PM in September and October). Further information about the winery and the label contest is available at or 845.236.3265.

Contact: Doug or MaryEllen Glorie

Phone: 845.236.3265

Email: info@gloriewine.com8/29/08


Present Tense Dance and Friends Fundraiser

Featuring an evening of performances by Present Tense Dance Company, teaching artist and musician Ward Hartenstein, pianist Michaela Eremiasova, and the Dan Eaton Band…plus refreshments and a silent auction of fun and funky items!

Tango Caf� Dance Studio
389 Gregory Street, Rochester, NY 14620

6:30 – 9:00 PM, Saturday, September 13, 2008

Adults $15; kids 16 and under are free (available at the door, or at Parkleigh, 215 Park Ave.)

Contact Info:
Present Tense Dance
570 Linden Street
Rochester, NY 14620

Attn: Anne Harris Wilcox (

Present Tense Dance, Inc. is a non-profit, taxexempt organization dedicated to contemporary
dance performance and appreciation. This fundraiser benefits our upcoming presentation of
When the Souls Rise, one of Rochester’s favorite Halloween events, Saturday and Sunday, October 18th and 19th at School of the Arts.


Weight Loss Challenges on a Mission to Help Rochester Lose a Ton by the End of the Year!

August 28 East Rochester, NY-

Personal Wellness Coach, Allison Freiberger is on a mission. Along with other colleagues, Allison has helped residents in the Rochester area already lose over 650 pounds through community wide weight loss challenge programs. Her Team is on a mission to help the community literally lose a ton by the end of the year. 

The weight loss challenge program is an 8 or 12 week program where each week will be a different wellness topic, including the power of protein, water, and exercise, reading labels, proper supplementation, and overall well-being. The participants are coaches in group and individually to reach their wellness and weight loss goals. 

There is a $39 registration fee, of which $25 goes in a pot for the “biggest losers”, and $10 goes to, which is a non-profit organization to help prevent childhood obesity.  

The winner also has a chance to be entered in a nationwide contest to win a free trip to Hawaii. “Everyone is a winner,” states Freiberger.  “If someone is doing just a few simple things to get healthier, then we all win,” she states.  

There are two challenges starting in the near future.  One is an 8 week challenge at the Perinton Community Center on Turk Hill Road, starting Saturday, 9/6 at 9 AM.  The other is a 12 week challenge starting Thursday, 9/11 at 6:30 PM at the East Rochester Community Center on West Commercial Street. 

Freiberger states that the classes fill up quickly.  Anyone interested in participating should contact her directly at 585-218-9085. All are welcome. 


Dated:  August 21, 2008 

Capanna for Senate Wins its 1,000th Individual Donor 

Webster, NY – “I don’t have much, but I want my grandson to have a better future,” said the Grandmother from Webster as she put a handful of change into the Ziploc baggie.  With that, Paloma Capanna secured her 1,000th individual donation in her “Change-for-Change” fundraising drive that has had her door-knocking throughout the 54th Senate District since June 3rd. 

“Near everyone I speak with is fed up with Albany,” described Capanna, “Our campaign has attracted supporters who, like me, want to achieve the goal of reforming Albany from within by winning this election.” 

Capanna’s campaign has been a grassroots effort from the beginning, with a focus on the very people she will represent, if elected.  Instead of spending hours on the phone or going to New York City to chase a few big money donors, Capanna has been out, knocking on doors, attending small gatherings, and speaking at local events.   

“It is wrong for the law to permit wealthy donors to give Senate candidates up to $15,500,” Capanna states, noting that the median household income in our area is $43,000/year.  In January 2008, Capanna signed a voluntary pledge to limit individual contributions to her campaign to $1,000.  The average individual contribution to Capanna’s campaign is $30. 

It is Capanna’s goal to win the election so that she can work towards aggressive campaign finance reform.  “We won’t see legislation for issues like universal health insurance until we remove the big money influence from Albany through publicly-funded elections.  Our campaign is as close to a publicly funded election as they come.” 

SD-54 includes Webster (Monroe County), Wayne County, parts of Ontario County, Seneca County, most of Cayuga County, and Lansing (Tompkins County). 

Paloma A. Capanna
Democratic Candidate
N.Y.S. Senate, 54th District
P.O. Box 921
Webster, New York 14580
(585) 615-6115


Finger Lakes Triahtlon

ROCHESTER, NY., April 7, 2008. Now in its 6th year, registration is open for the Finger Lakes Triathlon for September 21, 2008. Last year over 1,000 athletes participated individually or as part of a team. And all of this is to benefit people with bleeding disorders or iron overload who are patients of the Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center. This triathlon is the last race in a series of 4 for the Score This!!! Multisport Series. The Finger Lakes Triathlon combines swimming, biking and running while bringing athletes, families, friends, volunteers and the Canandaigua community to the lakefront area. There will also be a Kid's Tri that is sure to have at least 100 kids participating this year – a great way to encourage healthy lifestyles in children. In addition to event sponsors and race registration fees, what makes this is a successful fundraiser is the "Train for Treatment" program which pairs up a young hemophilia patient with a triathlete. The triathlete then raises money on behalf of the patient during the training period leading up to race day. Last year over $55K was donated to the Center in support of patient programs and services. The goal for this year is $65K. The race begins at 7:30am on Sunday morning, September 21st at Kershaw Park in Canandaigua. A sea of bright colored swim caps, wet suits and bathing suits brighten the lake as triathletes begin this grueling race. Spectators are encouraged to come and cheer on the athletes. DISTANCES: Olympic - .9 mile swim / 24 mile bike / 6.2 mile run Sprint - .45 mile swim / 13 mile bike / 3.1 mile run Kid’s Tri - 50 yard swim / 2.5 mile bike / .5 mile run For more info call Linda Miller at 585-922-4168 or email to  or visit our website at  About Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center The Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of people affected by bleeding disorders and iron overload by providing them with world-class treatment, advocacy and research. The Center offers comprehensive care to patients and their families who suffer from hemophilia, hereditary hemochromatosis, von Willebrand’s disease and Gaucher Disease. It is a diagnostic and treatment center which was established in 1959 by Rochester resident and visionary - Mary Gooley. It was the first freestanding Hemophilia Center in the U.S. and still serves as a model for other treatment centers around the country.


The American Association for State and Local History

The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) provides leadership, service, and support for its members, who preserve and interpret state and local history in order to make the past more meaningful in American Society. September 9-12, AASLH will be hosting its 2008 Annual Meeting in Rochester at the Rochester Convention Center. AASLH is seeking local vendors to participate in the exhibit hall and is also searching for local artist to participate in the AASLH Auction. AASLH expects about 1000 attendees ( 50% men and 50% women) from the following organizations from around U.S. -Historical Societies/Sites -Museums -Historical Preservation Agencies -Presidential Sites, State Parks and Libraries For more information about AASLH visit  For more information about selling to this unique group of individuals, please contact: Kimberly Fahey Manager of Marketing and Advertising AASLH 615/320-3203

Contact:  Michael Keene

*Special library discounts are available.
Pittsford NY - May 6, 2008 - "Visions: True Stories of the Supernatural", has been added to the Rare Books and Special Collections Division of the Rush Rheese Library at the University of Rochester as well
"Visions: True Stories of the Supernatural"
Picture Caption: "Visions: True Stories of the Supernatural"
Click to enlarge.
as the Special Collections & Archives Department of the Herrick Memorial Library at Alfred University.

Written, directed and produced by Michael Keene, "Visions" is an award winning film that focuses on the major political, social and religious movements of the 19th century while also exploring unsolved mysteries of Masonic-secrets, murder-conspiracies, Native American folklore and the paranormal.

"We are honored with the addition of "Visions" to the special collections of the libraries at these two universities", Keene said.  "Both of these schools will provide important venues for this documentary, continuing to extend opportunities for new audiences to appreciate its message and artistic success".

"Visions" was a winner of the Accolade Film Awards in its "Best Experimental Film" division.  The Accolade is an international, non-traditional recognition for filmmakers who "produce fresh, standout entertainment, animation and compelling documentaries," according to the award's organizers. Promising new filmmakers are often recognized in this "showcase for cinematic gems and unique voices."

"Visions" also was awarded "Best of the Fest" at the Rochester International Film Festival and "Best Artistic Design" at the Ocean City Film Festival.

Stories that the 90-minute film portray include "The Code of Handsome Lake," "In Search of White Crows," "The Strange Disappearance of Captain William Morgan" and "The Murder of William Lyman."

The documentary is unique in its use of digital illustrations, animation, voice acting, live-action sequences and original music.

Ad-Hoc Productions is an historical documentary production company based in Rochester, N.Y.  Through an association of freelance artists, animators, musicians and film professionals, the company strives to produce the very best in compelling documentaries and the "digital preservation  of history."

"Visions" is housed in more than 65 public libraries and historical societies across the country.  It is available on DVD for purchase at for $29.95 and has been glass-mastered For added durability.

Special library discounts are available.

For more information, contact: Michael Keene - Producer: PO Box 40805 Rochester, N.Y. 14604
E-mail:  Phone: Website:

News, book release:
Title- In the Midst Of
Author- C. M. Barons
Format- trade paperback
Size- 274 pgs
Publisher- New Age World Publishing
ISBN- 978-1-59405-098-5
Genre- Fiction, Adult
Publication date- April 2008 

“Reality,” he once told me, “is the invention of memory.”  The enigma of Daniel Hollis: he survived childhood huddled in an imaginary world; his adolescence, sleepwalking.  After two decades of abstinence, he was hungry.  No point going back; nothing substantive remained.  He had fortified a deception.  There was only illusion.


Sticker price on a 1975 Corvette was $6,550. A bag of Columbian: $30.  In the Midst Of features a barefaced ensemble of true-to-age characters.  Brian connects with an offbeat mentor cum older brother named Hollis in a lopsided relationship. Hollis moves on, but Brian will not let go.  He clings to a myth perpetuated by dependency and self-denial.  The 1970s was an era of global hang-time; the 60s pendulum had swung as far as the silent majority would allow.  Poised to back swing, the repercussions were unclear.  The shock value of the previous decade had been commercialized.  Like pre-faded jeans: off-the-rack and ready-to-wear.  “How's your love life?” “Try it...  You’ll like it!”  ...Couldn’t raise the eyebrows of the Tidy-Bowl man.  The nation was in transition, post Watergate-pre AIDS.  The war was over, and Disco was an urban anomaly.  Americans shimmied into hip-huggers, submitted to analysis and shucked inhibitions.  Suburban cool: Naugahyde living room set, Tiki-lit backyard and coveting the neighbor's spouse.  ...Cocaine for your groove and a doobie to unwind.  What distinguishes In the Midst Of?  Barons’ characters are not trite icons typically enlisted to resemble the 70s.  Brian, et al, leap beyond stereotypes; video verite, spurred by downright, gut-metered dialogue.  The backdrop is unaffected, a Kodacolor snapshot- definitive 70s.  The era pretends to be a character, � la Grand Central Terminal, too epic for the label: train station.   Brian and his friends’ lives play out, guided by elements more onerous than the clockworks of society and politics.  They are ensconced on a college campus.  Co-ed dorms, liberal drinking, open drugs and casual sex.  Edge-lurking has always been fashionable.  Hollis dangles by his fingertips.  Beneath his public facade lies a disturbing void.  His multiple secrets are protected by an ambiguity that passes for cool.  His inner sanctum is Brian's obsession; a fixation that yields a mirror with a chilling reflection.  Hollis is the aim- as clear as the bull's eye emblazoned on any Zen-archer's target.

Telling this story is frustrated by lacunae.  To meliorate lapses, I will use Impressionistic brush strokes.  When multiple perspectives are required, I shall imitate the Cubists.  Should I stumble upon a relic, it will be framed as Kurt Schwitters might in Merzbild collage.

C. M. Barons
Author Contact Info:
P O Box 181
Bergen, NY 14416
585 494-1613




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