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Rochester Business Directory: Musicians

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  • Anyango Yarbo-Davenport. "Violinist Anyango Yarbo-Davenport was born and raised in Munich, Germany as
    the daughter of African American soprano Africa Yarbo-Davenport and the late Austrian
    conductor Hans Peter Jillich. She was trained at the music academies of Munich,
    Germany and began her undergraduate studies at the University of Salzburg
    ‘Mozarteum’, Austria. In 2005, Anyango received a full-scholarship from the Eastman
    School of Music to study in the master class of Prof. Charles Castleman. Fall of 2006
    she made her solo debut at Eastman with Schnittke’s Concerto Grosso No.1. She
    received the coveted Performer’s Certificate with her Bachelor’s degree in 2008 from
    Eastman, where she is about to begin her Doctorate degree in the classes of Prof. Zvi
    Zeitlin and Prof. Charles Castleman. Since Fall of 2009 Anyango is mentored by Ms.
    Päivyt Meller of the Sibelius Academy Helsinki/ Finland..."



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