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Rochester, NY City Guide

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Rochester Religious Web Sites

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Other denominations

  • Browncroft Community Church
    • "Our mission is to honor God by proclaiming the Gospel and making fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ." For more information contact:
  • Calvery Chapel of Greece
  • Calvary Chapel of the Finger Lakes
  • Koinonia Fellowship
    • "The purpose of Koinonia Fellowship is the worship of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; the building up of the church of Jesus Christ through the teaching of the Word and the ministry of the Spirit; and the persuading of people to repent and confess Jesus Christ as Lord."
  • Meggido Church.  
  • New Life Begins, Inc.  Voice: 325-3380.  Fax: 325-4650.  Rochester Apostolic and Prophetic Alliance, 14 Franklin Street, STE 1321, Rochester, NY 14604-1504.
  • Our Fellowship/Joining Hands.  "Our Fellowship and Joining Hands Ministries - providing fellowship, ministry services, community building, and wedding services to all, regardless of affiliation. This is a place to find comfort and be refreshed. We desire to see Christians free to fellowship with one another and the community unencumbered by legalism and manipulation. Call Pastor Jack at (585)234-9044 for info.

    Rev. Jack Porcello provides custom wedding services, christening, baptism, and other ministry services throughout NY State. His ministry is to the community at large, not to a specific church, denomination, or other organization.

    Wedding services are offered without religious requirements. There is no need for premarital counseling, programs, or classes. Weddings are designed to the couple's specifications, and can be conducted wherever you wish."
  • Rochester Chinese Christian Church.  Voice: 872-6708.  1524 Jackson Road • Penfield, NY 14526.
  • Sri Rajarajeswari Peetam.  Voice: 533-1216.  6970 East River Road, Rush, NY 14543.  "Established by Shri Chaitanyananda Natha Saraswathi and Gnanamba in 1980 in Rochester, NY, the peetam represents one of the few shrines of Mother Rajarajeswari or Lalitha in North America. She is worshiped at the peetam both in her sthula or idol form as well as in the form of the Sri Yantra.
  • Trinity Communion Church. "Trinity Communion Church reaches back to the early form of Christianity, in honoring the 3 streams of charismatic, evangelical, and liturgical worship. Our worship is warm and spirit filled."
  • Victory Fellowship Church Brockport, New York. "Victory Fellowship Church is located in Brockport, New York. It is an extraordinary answer to ordinary church. We would like to invite you to come."

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