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Isaac Gordon Nature Park


Clover Street, Route 65, Pittsford, NY.  North of the NYS Thruway and north of Mendon Ponds Park.  On the East side of the road.

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Description:  A lovely small infrequently visited park just north of Mendon Ponds Park.  The hill at the far eastern edge of the park is a wonderful place to see spring wildflowers.  If you visit Isaac Gordon Park during the spring or after a rain wear footwear suitable for mud.  The loop path is roughly a mile roundtrip and has little elevation gain.  The actual park area is close to the New York State Thruway, so there is a considerable road noise.  However, the abundance of wildflowers makes up for intrusiveness of the noise. isaacgordon1.jpg (19470 bytes)
Walk:  From the parking lot there are two path choices that parallel a cultivated field.  During the wettest times of the year the left or north side path is the drier of the two.  During mid summer the right or south path is a shaded delight.  Both paths lead to the same place and can be used as loop.

If you take the south path you find yourself walking through a near tunnel of foliage to the first trail intersection.  At the intersection you should go straight ahead unless the path is muddy.  If the path is muddy turn left and take the first right to bypass the mud an continue up the hill.  The trail will circle the hill to the south and then turn north.  The Thruway will be on your right.  In the spring you should lots of Trillium here.  The path will then turn west and down to a pond and then up.  At the top of the incline you can take the right path and continue back to the parking lot or your can explore a small maze of paths through a small planted pine grove.


issacgordon2.jpg (43595 bytes)

trilliumw1.jpg (57759 bytes)

Several years past a platform with benches extended over the pond.  Little trace of the platform remains.  It was a splendid lunch spot.  If one sat quietly the sounds of wildlife and wildlife would quickly return.  Those of us who enjoyed will miss it.  

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