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Honeoye Falls, New York

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  • Village of Honeoye Falls.  "Honeoye Falls, a small village of approximately 2400 people, is located in the most southeastern corner of Monroe County, about thirteen miles from the City of Rochester.

    The Village was founded in 1791 by Zebulon Norton who purchased 1820 acres of land for 12 1/2 cents per acre. Norton established the mode of life for the community by building a grist mill and later a saw mill to encourage settlers to this decidedly science and fruitful section of upper New York State.

    From The Time of the Seneca Indians residing in this vicinity through the pioneer days and into the present, Honeoye Falls, originally known as Norton Mills, has maintained a particularly family-oriented atmosphere in spite of the changing times.

    The shopping area of the village boasts of drug stores, dry-cleaning establishments, a variety store, furniture stores, auto parts distributor, a gardening outlet, a hobby shop, a lumber yard, automobile agencies and a supermarket.

    Other shopping conveniences available are advantageously located throughout the village area; gift shops, beauty parlors, florists, furniture refinishing establishments, travel agencies and even a tanning salon.

    All offering services usually only found in larger communities: Attorneys, doctors, dentists, insurance agencies, optometrists, and veterinarians have offices located within walking distances of the village shopping area."

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