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Food Resources in Rochester, NY and Surrounding Area

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"The farmer makes house calls: Deliveries put the pasture on your doorstep"  by Karen Miltner, Staff writer.


  • Kyle Farms.  "Kyle Farms is proud to offer all natural lamb for sale as whole or half lambs.  Kyle Farms is currently owned and operated in the Genesee Valley by brothers Matthew and David Kyle, and their cousin Nathan Hatch.  All the forages fed to our ewes and lambs are harvested by the farm locally.  The lambs nurse from the ewes on lush, green pastures.  Lambs are finished on locally grown and harvested grains to provide the best nutrition possible for their growth and development.  This ensures a quality lamb for your table.

    Lamb orders are taken May through October and lambs will be available for pick up in November. "   

  • McDonald Farm. "McDonald Farm is a 220 acre certified organic, pasture based, multi species, multi-generational small family farming venture located in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY. Owned and operated by the Peter McDonald family, McDonald Farm is developing into a successful model for fulfilling relationships between soil, animals and people through a farming enterprise dedicated to restorative agricultural practices for clean food production."

  • Pe-R-Ly Meadows Dairy Farm Products. "We are a family (Perry and Lydia Ross and children- Heidi, Caleb, Haley, and Andie Grace) owned and operated farm in Whitesville, New York. We have been a certified as an Organic farm by NOFA-NY since September 2003.

    We believe that Nature's way, (the way God intended) is the best way for the Animals, Farm, Family and Community.

    We started to farm on our own in Sept. 2000 on a rented farm in Steuben County NY. We bought our current farm in Allegany County NY in February 2002. We work the farm together with our four children who love farming as much as we do. We believe that the best way to raise animals is with no hormones, no antibiotics and no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

    Pe-R-Ly Meadows is a diversified farm located on 269 acres approximately 75 miles south of Rochester, 50 miles east of Olean, and 75 west of Corning. In an industry that believes that bigger, faster, and specialized is the best way to do things, we subscribe to a different philosophy.

    Diversification- the notion of 'not putting all your eggs in one basket'- Diversity plays a role in everything we do. From having multiple species of animals, both domestic and wild, and plant varieties living in balance and harmony, to having several 'eco-systems' on the farm, to our multifaceted business plans and many hobbies."

  • Porter Farms. "Jack Porter founded Porter Farms in 1956; today, it's more than 500 acres, 100 of which are in vegetables, and the whole extended family is involved. You can still find Jack running some of the farm's heavy equipment.

    Jack pioneered the organic side of the operation, too; the farm's first organic field was certified in 1990. The transition to organic methods was largely a matter of philosophy -- a commitment to grow and distribute 'wholesome, fresh, and safe food in a socially and environmentally responsible fashion.'"

  • Sugar Bush Hollow. "At SugarBush Hollow, we enjoy and take great pride in producing natures finest sweeteners for you to enjoy. we add nothing to the sap of the sugar maple tree. We remove only the water by boiling the sap over a wood fire to create this fine healthy product for you."

  • Teri's Dairy Organic Home Delivery Products. "Organic Home Delivery is a new business bringing the finest local and regional products to your door. We will specialize in organic and natural foods and crafts. We are seeking customers and vendors and hope to be in full operation by 5/1/05. We are creating a website at which you can view our products, read info on our producers, and order for delivery each week. Some of our products: Organic milk, yoghurt, and cheese. Organic pastured beef, pork, and chicken. Free range eggs. Pond raised perch and catfish. Seasonal, fresh picked, local organic fruits, veggies, nuts, berries, herbs. Organic coffee, granola, preserves, baking supplies, juice, honey, maple syrup, cut flowers, goats milk soap, and crafts and books by local authors. We will deliver within 50 miles of Savannah, NY. We charge a fair price to the consumer plus a small delivery fee. We deliver fresher produce and save you time and trouble while returning a greater percentage of your food dollar to the local farmers."

Farm Directories

  • Rochester Farm Connection."The Rochester Farm Connection both promotes sustainable farming, and connects consumers directly with sustainable farmers, in the Rochester NY area. The farms we support are small family operations that wish to sell directly to the consumer. They are either certified organic, or self identified as natural/sustainable. In addition, the meat/egg/dairy operations we list raise their animals either exclusively, or primarily, on pasture. Connecting the consumer directly with these local producers is a win-win situation. The products offered are superior to supermarket fare, and 100% of sale proceeds are returned directly to the local producer."


Farm Markets

These markets are usually sell the foods and goods of a single farm.  To look up farmers markets, which are community based markets where many farmers sell their goods see Farmers Markets.

Orleans County

  • Al-Lin Fruit Farm. 10774 Ridge Road, Medina, NY.  716-798-0577.  Google Map.
  • Bashford's Farm Market. 11074 Ridge Road, Medina, NY. 716-798-0235.  Google Map.
  • Brown's Berry Patch. 14264 Roosevelt Hwy., Waterport, NY.   716-682-5569.  email:  Google Map.
  • Empire Orchards. 11358 Townline Road, Lyndonville, NY.  716-765-2655.  Google Map.
  • Harvey Apples.  1509 County Line Road, Kendall, NY.  716-659-2637.  Google Map.
  • Hurd Orchards.  17260 Ridge Road, Holley, NY.  716-638-8838.  Google Map.
  • Kelsey Farms.  RD # 4 Oak Orchard Road, Albion, NY 716-682-5221.  Google Map.
  • Partyka Farms, Inc., 1420 County Line Road, Kendall,  716-659-9131.  email:  Google Map.
  • Roberts Farm Market, 10603 Freeman Road, Medina, NY.  716-798-5543.  Google Map.
  • Silver Creek Farms.  3268 transit Road, Albion, NY.  716-589-6253.  Google Map.
  • Smith's Medina View Farms.  4324 South Gravel Road, Medina.  716)-98-2656.  email:  Google Map.
  • Richard Taylor Orchards/T.F.E. Co.  15120 Zig Zag Road, Albion.  716-589-4786. email: RTO@EZNET.NET.  Google Map.
  • Watt Farms.  3121 Oak Orchard Road, Albion, NY.  716-589-8000. email:  Google Map. 

Farmers Markets

  • Directory of Rochester and Upstate farmers markets.  Farmers markets are different from farm markets.  Farmers markets are generally community based with many farmers selling foods and other goods.  Farm markets are usually roadside stands or stores selling the foods and goods of a single farm. 


Tadco distributors will be familiar to anyone who shops at the Rochester Public Market.  They usually have a stand set up where they sell spices, dried foods, flours, flavorings and much more.  Tadco is one of those great resources that not enough people know about.  Their store is stocked full of wonderful food preparation goodies that no cook can resist.  If you haven't been to Tadco you are in for a pleasant surprise.  Their prices are competitive and they stock hard to find baking and food preparation products. 

Do you have a favorite resource for specialty foods in the Upstate, NY area?  Share your knowledge through
the Inforochester online discussion.


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