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Rochester, NY City Guide

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Ethnic Discussions in Rochester, NY

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  • China Millennium Council.  "China Millennium Council's mission is to foster and develop ongoing mutual cultural, educational, business and friendly exchanges between China and the West. China Millennium Council is committed to embracing unity in diversity among all peoples' cultures and promoting the universal spirit of peace and understanding as the basis for innovation, reciprocity and the learning of common cultures and concepts. CMC encompasses the yin-yang principle of balance, harmony and unity."


  • Europeans In Rochester.  "This list is for Europeans who live in Rochester, NY and surrounding areas. Discuss your favorite topic, tell us how you came here, about your home country, etc. The purpose of this list is to establish friendship and meet other Europeans who have made the move across the Atlantic and come to this area. The language will be English. On occasion, we also organize get-togethers locally."


  • Balawadee of Rochester.  "Marathi Classes for Children in Rochester, NY."
  • Group for Indians living in Rochester, NY.  "This Group is for people from India (Pakistan/Bangladesh/Srilanka too) living in ROCHESTER, NY. The primary purposes being information exchange, classifieds, Hindu temple news, Indian movies news, occasions, business advertisements related to Indians etc."
  • Sharavathi Kannada Koota.  "Sharavathi Kannada Koota of Greater Rochester Area, NY."
  • ur_indians.  "Platform for a sense of community amongst the Indians in Rochester, NY."



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