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Rochester, NY City Guide

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Communication Discussions in Rochester, NY

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Ham Radio

  • Radio Coaches of the Rochester Amateur Radio Association.  "The Radio Coaches are a group of ham volunteers that teach electronics, ham radio and technology careers to 6th graders at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Rochester, NY."
  • Rochester Amateur Radio Association.  "This newsgroup is sponsored by The Rochester (NY) Amateur Radio Association and is open to all. It deals with messages to general interest to club members and is moderated by George Masny.  Please direct any inquiries to "
  • Rochester DX Association mailing list.  "Rochester DX Association mailing list.  An amateur radio club that focuses on communication with foreign countries and worldwide contesting. Membership to the mail list is available to members of the club. Temporary mail list membership available to prospective members."
  • Rochester Special Events.  "This newsgroup is sponsored by The Rochester (NY) Amateur Radio Association and is open to all. It deals with ideas and planning of special events, especially those with a Rochester area wide appeal. Please direct any inquiries to"

Public Speaking

  • Roch_Toasters � Central Division, D 65 Toastmasters.  "This list is specifically designed to serve fellow Toastmasters in both the western NY area and the rest of the world.  The goal of this list is to have communication and ideas spread between individual toastmasters and clubs. Objectives: to make all clubs stronger, allow clubs to broadcast if speakers are needed, and any division/district announcements to be sent. Membership: all Toastmasters who want to join. We are not looking at this to be an exclusive group, either of officers or even Rochester-only Toastmasters. We are also not looking for this to be a gripe board or something exclusive. We see this as another way we can communicate and spread the word."

Web Sites

  • Rochester, NY Personal/Individual Web Sites.  "This club is a growing index of personal web sites created by citizens of Rochester New York. No Business/Commercial Sites Please. Please become a member so you can post your site's link in the Bookmarks area to the left. (Western NY sites are also welcome)."





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