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  • Browncroft Community Church.  Voice: 586-0930.  Fax: 586-0962.  Email:  2530 Browncroft Boulevard, Rochester, NY 14625.  "Our mission: to make more fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

    Our purpose:

    • to share God's Son
    • to celebrate God's character
    • to experience God's family
    • to teach God's Word
    • to demonstrate God's love
    • to extend God's kingdom"
  • Crossbridge Community Church. Voice: 385-1080.  On the campus of St. Fisher College. "In the fall of 1992, eighteen people met together in a tiny living room to discuss the start up of a church that would be different from what many of them experienced in the past. They knew God to be real in their own lives, and had a strong desire to share His love with others.

    They also knew that many people had given up on church, finding it irrelevant and boring. They prayed that God would enable them to build a church that warmly welcomed people to investigate the compelling truths about Jesus Christ as presented in the Bible.

    Out of that handful of people, CrossBridge Community Church was born. Less than one year later, the church had outgrown the living room, and began meeting at the Box Factory in Fairport. In the spring of 1994, with about 75 people in attendance, the church relocated to it's current facility at St John Fisher College. The added space has made it possible for the adult and children's ministries to continue to grow. The church hopes to obtain a permanent facility sometime in the future.

    Through all the growth and changes, the orginal purpose of CrossBridge continues. The weekly services are designed to communicate to everyone the incredible Biblical truth that their lives matter to God!

  • Lakeshore Community Church. Voice: 225-1230. Email:  "Lakeshore Community Church takes a different approach to Sunday mornings because we want church to be meaningful and enjoyable. We have a ministry style for the `90's (not the 1790's but the 1990's).

    Our service features contemporary Christian music led by our worship team. We believe singing to God ought to be enjoyable!

    You may see a short drama from time to time that underscores the message of the day. You may even see one that strikes a familiar chord in your own life experience.

    You will hear a practical message in plain English about finding God's purpose, direction, and joy in your life. We describe our messages as 'providing real encouragement for real everyday living!'

    Your kids will learn about how God's love for them builds healthy self-esteem and the ability to resist peer pressures. We complement your work.

    You can come as you are! No dress codes. No pressure. Your personal growth is what matters."  1687 English Road, Rochester, NY 14616. 

  • New Vision Community Church.  "A Christian church for a postmodern generation, our dream is to be a vibrant and caring community of peers – a safe place to grow, ask questions, and be challenged.  Our goal is an authentic experience with a loving God through practical teaching, relevant music, and honest interaction."
  • Perinton Community Church
    • E-Mail:  "An interdenominational evangelical church fully convinced of the truth and relevance of the Biblical revelation of God in Jesus Christ."
  • Pittsford Community Church
    • E-mail:  "PCC is a church founded on the truths of the Bible, committed to spiritual growth, and devoted to reaching out to our community and to our world. We invite you to attend any of our services or small group Bible studies. For details, feel free to call our church office (248-8260), or view our web site (Visitor Quick Start is a good starting point.) We welcome your questions and prayer requests, and we look forward to seeing you soon!" - Pastor Dana L. Goodnough.

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