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Recommended Books About Food

The following books can be ordered from this page.  Click on the book title and you will shown how to order it through Amazon Books.  For current accurate pricing click on the underlined titles. Purchasing books through from this page helps support this Web site.

Writing About Food

American Fried: Adventures of a Happy Eater.  Calvin Trillin.  This book is hard to find.  If I still had a copy I would lend it to you.  However, give the folks at Amazon your order and let them see what they can do.  If you enjoy food, you must have this book.  Trillin is so funny that I don't recommend reading the book in bed.  Your significant other will hate you for all of the times you will burst out laughing and say, you gotta hear this.  This book was given as gift so often during the 1970s' that you would think that everyone in the world had a copy.  Unfortunately all of those gifts were given to friends to read and never returned because they were given to yet other friends.  Be warned, unless you are really into food, you may find Trillin's excesses obscene.  I'm sorry, just writing this makes me hungry, I have quit.  Just order the book and be patient.  Not recommended by any nutritional organization or medical group.

Giving Good Weight.  John McPhee.  There is almost no reason to read a book about what it is like to be a green grocer in New York City.  However, McPhee writes so well and is so perceptive that subjects of little interest become interesting through his eyes and his words.  If you enjoy food it is likely that you have purchased fruits and vegetables from a street market at some time in your life.  McPhee shows you what it is like to work on the other side of the counter.  Who knows, you may discover yourself as a customer through his writing.  If you are not interested in the life of a green grocer, read the book anyhow.  It is a good read.
Oranges. John McPhee.  How can I recommend a book written entirely about oranges?  Easy, John McPhee wrote it.  If you are familiar with John McPhee, his name alone is reason enough to read any title he has written.  One of the characteristics of a good film is that it takes the viewer somewhere they haven't been and tells them a interesting and unfamiliar story.  McPhee does just that.  It is well written, a good read, and you just may learn something about the citrus industry that will make you a more interesting person at the next dinner party you attend.  Beware! McPhee is addictive.

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