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Rochester, NY City Guide

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Rochester, New York Blogs

Weblogs or blogs originating in or about Rochester, NY wanted. 

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  •  "Alaivani poetically translates from Tamil into English as `Waves of Sound'. Topics on blog: Divinity/Spirituality, Family Life, Global Community, Health and Healing, Mouthwatering Menus, Soundwaves (including Kerala Travelogues and interviews with special New Yorkers in tune with the values of The water we drink, the water we clean with, the water we cook with, the water we admire in the oceans and rivers, the water we see falling from the sky, the water we can't live without is the same water that originated many thousands of years ago and has been recycled over and over. This water holds ancient wisdom, wisdom that has sustained humans throughout time. Imagine the spot where several oceans or rivers converge. It is neither a place of silence, nor a place of stormy weather. This place is a place where sounds of various oceans or rivers converge - sharing, borrowing, mixing together various viewpoints from ancient sources, learning from each other and applying ancient knowledge to modern lifestyles. Alaivani celebrates diverse view points on holistic living - lifestyles that integrate the body, mind, and soul. Alaivani believes that the integration of body, mind and soul treats the whole person while healing disease. In achieving this mission, Alaivani seeks to share wisdom of ancient cultures around the world." 
  • Albany Dysfunction.  "A Perinton resident's blog that touches on the various topics being considered (or ignored) by our Albany legislators." 
  • Burning Wood.  "Burning wood is a blog posted three times weekly by an urban Rochesterian. There are no opinions or agendas, just attempts to draw knowledge from daily experience."    
  •  Chris Johnson.  "Hello and welcome to, the online home of Chris Johnson! Browse around, tell me what you think, and enjoy. Here are the latest blog entries..." 
  • De Fidei Oboedientia.  (The Obedience of Faith)  "A blog of my grandiose and pretentious rants about the banal events of my life as a college student attempting to live as an orthodox Catholic in Rochester, NY."
  • Digital Brian's Website.  "Just a local nerd sharing his internet discoveries with the rest of the world, come learn about relevant tech news and everything from Podcasting to VoIP, it is all free and 90% ad free, also a monthly newsletter."  Comment: Brian undersells his Web site.  It loaded with interesting tech stuff.  Share what you find on Brian's site and your geek friends will think that you are an uber geek.
  • DragonFlyEye.Net.  Rochester Entertainment and Progressive Politics. Local, state, national and world politics, local entertainment." 
  • Everyone is Entitled to My Opinion.  "Paolo’s Rants & Raves (no whales to save) Pix. Portraits. Pithy (if you lithp). Odd. Worships ‘Sunday’ - a dead cat. Never watched 1 Seinfeld show. Often funny-Always strange. You?"  
  • Finger Lakes Travel Maven.  "The Finger Lakes Travel Maven covers the best tourism experiences in the Finger Lakes...and beyond."
  • The In Season Christian Librarian.  "To provide information about resources and news by and for Christian Librarians, primarily those in Christian academic institutions. Other areas of Christian librarianship will be addressed on occasion."
  • Exploring Rochester, Western New York, and Beyond.  By Thomas David Cornell. In these blog entries, I offer brief accounts of recent trips exploring Rochester, Western New York, and beyond.  These are the kinds of experiences out of which my essays grow.  They are also the kinds of experiences on which I’ve based my 'Face of the Land' course at RIT."
  • The Journal of Pissing and Moaning.  "The JPM is a blog for the History graduate student community at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY. This blog seeks to promote history-consciousness, conversations and arguments about history, interviews with living, dead, real, and imaginary persons, and orthodox and alternative or screwball historiography."
  • Killerokapi.  "Stories, restaurant reviews, things to do, and viewpoints from the okapi in Rochester, NY. All posts revolve around places in the Rochester area, the experiences, and/or thoughts of this okapi"  
  • mamamusings. "Elizabeth Jane Lawley's thoughts on technology, academia, family, and tangential topics."
  • Miles 1890 Home.  "Our journey in making our 1890 house into a beautiful home on a very tight budget in Rochester, NY. This is our outlet for sharing progress, success, and many failures." 
  • Misccubed.  Cool Rochester originated blog.
  • My45thYear.  "A chronicle of my progress towards the following goals for my 45th year of life: finishing 45 hand-made objects, completing at least one 45-hour solo retreat, and biking 45 miles in one day--plus whatever else life in Rochester, NY, brings me in the process."   
  • OnWords.  "A new blog exploring writing and the impact of words." 
  • Paranoid Android. By Jessica from Rochester/Brockport.  " = Jessica. Decade plus nine. Rochester/Brockport. New York. Student/slacker. Secretary. Bemused satirist. Hippie. Indie fuckhead. Adorable. Cynical. Raging bitch. Tattooed. Kinsey says five. "Taken out of context, I must seem so strange." 
  • Picture Rochester.  "Our goal for is to post a new photo each day of Rochester New York. Currently we are focusing on the art, architecture, and people of this great city. Our main objective is to share the beauty and character of this area."   
  • Rochester Pundit.  "Political Commentary and Media Criticism for civic-minded people in Rochester, NY."   
  • RochesterWatch.  "A forum covering local and national event from "R" perspective. Make your voice heard."
  • Science Blog.  University of Rochester.
  • The Finger Lakes Travel Maven.  "Discover Adventures and Activities in and around Rochester and the Fabulous Finger Lakes Region of Western New York."
  • The Greater Rochester Weblog.  "An on-line journal dealing with the news, economics, politics, and general goings-on in areas surrounding Rochester, NY. Things will get serious, rants will be written, and feelings may quite possibly be hurt."  
  • The Rochester NY Pizza Blog.  "An exploration of pizza places in and around Rochester, with photos and descriptions."      
  • Western New York Locals.  "An analysis of all things local in western New York. Geographic range is from Buffalo to the Finger Lakes."   



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