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Rochester, NY Area Authors

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Books about
Rochester New York

C. M. Barons

C. M. Barons' novel, In the Midst Of, retro intrigue- offbeat 1970's rewind. Cunning allusions, stand-out characters, absorbing tension and settings most Rochesterians will recognize. Brian can't escape his past, namely, Hollis; bad boy with more secrets than Karl Rove. Hollis is the aim, sure as the bull's eye on any Zen-archer's target. "...a fine new American novel. Barons has the cosmic curiosity of Emerson, the appetite of Whitman, and the talent of Kerouac." Rod Clark, "Refreshingly original, highly ambitious in scope and totally offbeat," Bill Chinaski, Alternative Reel "...a gourmet meal! This book is a rarefied taste treat for the mind and spirit!" W. H. McDonald,

Sarah Miles Bolam and Thomas J. Bolam 

"Sarah Miles Bolam has worked in both daily and international journalism as well as teaching journalism, literature, writing and film for the State University of New York system. Thomas J. Bolam is a retired executive who spent most of his career working in the Far East. They divide their time between New York and Texas."

The Presidents on Film

A Comprehensive Filmography of Portrayals from George Washington to George W. Bush
Sarah Miles Bolam and Thomas J. Bolam

ISBN 978-0-7864-2481-8
88 photographs, notes, bibliography, index
398pp. hardcover (7 x 10) 2007

"With the prominence of the U.S. president and the presidency, the executive office and its occupant have naturally found their way into numerous cinematic expressions. Since 1903, presidents have been featured in no less than 407 commercial films. Ranging from respectful, biographical presentations to comic caricatures, the ways in which presidents are depicted on film reflects a great deal about contemporary perception of the office.

This volume examines how filmmakers and their public have viewed the presidents and the presidency over the past 100 years. The book presents an all-inclusive list of commercial theatrical films that include an actual American president as a character, excluding documentaries, television productions and fictional characters. At times these roles are minor while in other instances they form one of the main characters of the film. In either case, however, an analysis of these depictions reveals a great deal about the president—and the filmmaker. The main body of the work is devoted to an examination, arranged in chronological order, of each of the 42 men who have served as president. A brief summary of each administration is provided along with a commentary on the overall nature of films in which the featured president appeared. Each relevant film is then discussed with the credits, plot summary, description of the presidential appearance and, when possible, an assessment of the presidential portrayal included. Photographs from notable films are also provided." 

Margaret Blackman

"Margaret Blackman, Brockport resident and SUNY Brockport professor of Anthropology, has turned her anthropological research skills and experience to the nonfiction essay.  The author of two biographies of Native American women, she has also published essays on food and culture.  Her most recent book, Upside Down: Seasons among the Nunamiut, combines ethnography and memoir."

Jennifer Cole

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Jennifer Forster - novelist, freelance writer, community blogger. 

"Jennifer Forster is the Community Blogger for Webster on the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle's website. Her first novel, titled Home Again (currently being written) is based on her experiences as an ex-patriot, returning from a decade abroad in England, resettling and raising her own young family in her childhood hometown. She also freelances, focusing mainly on (but not limited to): parenting; women's well-being and health; traveling; dual-nationality relationships and issues; family, married, and military lifestyles and issues."   

Rich and Sue Freeman Guidebooks

Comment:  If you don't own copies of Rich and Sue Freeman's guidebooks, you are missing out on the best places to hike, bike, canoe, or tour in the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York and the Bruce Trail in Canada.  Their books are well written and their directions easy to follow.  Highly recommended. 

Sue Freeman

See Rich Freeman above co-author.

Susan Gateley
Author Susan Gateley has published several books on Lake Ontario including new in 2003 "The Edge Walker's Guide to Lake Ontario Beach Combing"
David Cay Johnston
David Cay Johnston, a Brighton resident, is The New York Times tax reporter. He won a Pulitzer prize in 2001 and has been a Pulitzer finalist three other times in the past three years. The tax dodges his stories have shut down were valued by a Congressional committee at $260 billion and that was just for a few of them.

Over his 37 years in journalism Johnston hunted down a murderer whom the police failed to catch and won freedom for an innocent man, stopped one of the richest men in America from taking $333 million from a charity for poor children, was the first reporter to expose the brutality, political spying and ineffectiveness of the Los Angeles Police Department and caused two television stations to lose their licenses for news manipulations.

Michael D. Krause

Mike Krause knows the challenges sales leaders and business professionals face every day, having sold well over $100 million in products and services in his twenty years of professional sales, consistently achieving high levels of success in sales, management and training. He is a seasoned veteran of driving and achieving quantifiable results across a wide array of business models and organization sizes.
Since running his first lemonade stand at the age of seven, Mike’s proven approach to sales is to roll up his sleeves, jump into the trenches with his client’s salespeople and do whatever it takes to teach them his customized tools, tactics and strategies to generate income and strengthen positive branding.
From building a landscape company from inception to 130 accounts in two years to being recognized as a top producer in each of the Fortune 500 companies for which he worked, Mike always exceeds his goals. Mike funded his undergraduate education at St. Bonaventure University with his landscaping company and later obtained a Master’s degree in Strategic Leadership with a concentration in entrepreneurship from Roberts Wesleyan College.
After spending over twelve years in Corporate America, Mike discovered his true passion in helping business leaders and sales professionals achieve their sales objectives more rapidly through his highly effective selling processes. His previous book, Sell or Sink: Strategies, Tactics and Tools Every Business Leader Must Know to Stay Afloat! is available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Today, Mike Krause is the president and founder of Sales Sense Solutions, Inc. where he delivers measurable results with his clients using Fortune 500 strategies, tactics, and tools. The company’s mission is to customize Fortune 500 sales experience and success systems for small and mid-sized companies. In addition to his thriving consulting work, Krause is an in-demand speaker and has received numerous awards for his acclaimed training programs. In his spare time, Mike enjoys piloting his sailboat on the Great Lakes, having successfully earned his marine captain’s license three years ago.

  • Book Titles
    • Smart Prospecting. "My latest book, SMART Prospecting: That Works Every Time! (McGraw Hill, March 2013)blends old school proven sales strategies with new age tactics and technology that make all sales people more productive and more effective. My clients have measured 40 to 65 percent growth in prospecting calls and increases of 22 percent in closed sales. In fact, Brian Tracy, universally acknowledged self-help author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, business coach and keynote speaker − and 18 other top selling experts − endorse SMART Prospecting, 'This is a terrific, intelligent book that shows you how to get in front of more and better prospects−faster than ever before.'”
    • Sell or Sink. "Sell or Sink: Strategies, Tactics and Tools Every Business Leader Must Know! bridges the gap between sales theory and reality for your company. As a fourth-generation sales professional, Mike’s proven approach to sales is to roll up his sleeves, jump into the trenches with your salespeople and do whatever it takes to teach them his customized tools, tactics and strategies to generate income and strengthen positive branding. He shares these insights in Sell or Sink so that your sales team gets it and you can measure the results all the way to the bank."

Max Lent

  • Book titles: 
Georgia NeSmith
  • "Georgia NeSmith is a writer, artist, and photographer living in Rochester, New York. This website contains samples of her creative work, including fiction, poetry, essays, drawings, digital art, and photography. These are provided for the public to enjoy free of charge. However, copying, reproducing, or re-distributing these works in any way (including digital forms), is prohibited without express written permission from Ms. NeSmith. High quality digital reprints of images are for sale."

Jean Pike

  • "Restless spirits. Abandoned Buildings. Love that lasts forever. These are a few of award-winning romance novelist M. Jean Pike's favorite things. A professional writer since 1996, Ms. Pike combines a passion for romance with a keen interest in the supernatural to bring readers unforgettable tales of life, love, and the inner workings of the human heart. She writes from her home on a quiet country road in Livingston County."   

Colette Shaw

  • "Colette Shaw is a local novelist, balancing her feminist ideals with a deep love of rock & roll. She grew up in Upstate New York, and brought her life full circle when she returned and settled down near Rochester following the release of her first book, Won't Get Fooled Again." 


Donavan Shilling U.T. Summers
Steven Tylock
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Nancy Yanes-Hoffman

Mitchell Waldman

  • Mitchell Waldman is the author of the novel, A FACE IN THE MOON, and co-editor (with Diana L. May) of the book WOUNDS OF WAR: POETS FOR PEACE. He has had short stories, poetry, and essays published in numerous magazines and other publications. 



Wolf, Judy

"Writer, adventurer, world traveler, activist... Judy Wolf is a woman of many talents, not the least of which is sharing her enthusiasm for travel, the great outdoors, and people's stories. Browse her web site for a variety of articles including down-to-earth travel stories and advice."

  • Far From Home: Father-Daughter Travel Adventures edited by Wendy Knight.  "A wonderful collection of writings about the travel adventure relationships between daughters and their fathers. A friend and fellow travel writer Judy Wolf has an essay in this collection. When Judy read her essay, The Alchemy of Dread and Daring, at a recent bookstore appearance, there was hardly a dry eye in the audience.
    Any parent and every daughter with travel in her veins should read Far From Home. It will help both understand the feelings of the other about travel and adventure.
  • Inward and Upward - PDF (Alpinist)
    Follow the author up one of the hardest routes on the tallest mountain in the contiguous 48 states under less-than-ideal conditions. "Perhaps the best description of the inner experience of climbing I've read since Joe Simpson's 'Touching the Void,'" says one outdoor educator. (Speaking of Touching the Void, keep your eyes open for the movie -- coming soon to the U.S. -- I saw it in England when it was first released, and it's simply one of the best movies I've ever seen.)
  • Why Women Must Ice Climb - PDF (Adirondack Explorer)
    A humorous insight into the author's search for the perfect winter sport and her introduction to the challenges and rewards of ice climbing.
  • Wedding Season in Cambodia -(
    An invitation to a village wedding offers the author a chance to step off the tourist track -- further off the track than she expected! -- for an intimate view of local culture.



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